spa & pool service
in Orange County
since 1957!

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Residential swimming pool maintenance
We provide:

Complete monthly
pool service and spa maintenance

Pool equipment repair

Pool renovation

Pool acid wash

Swimming pool resurfacing

Commercial pool service
You've probably seen us
working in your neighborhood.
Quinn pools has been in the
pool service and contracting business
in Orange County
for over 50 years!
We are a family owned business that
believes you deserve
the very best and reliable service
from your pool service company,
and you may count on us
to make sure that you receive it!
Call or contact us
regarding any of the following:
Black and green algae
Pool heater repair
Copper sulfate stains
Spa & pool motor repair
Calcium build-up
Pool pump repair & .
. . .maintenance
Salt feeders and much more!

"Ray has been such a great help!
He's so experienced in every aspect
of pool maintenance, and he regularly
goes out of his way to help us by repairing
our equipment and saving us the higher cost
of having to replace it. Thanks from all of us!"

The Stevens family

"Before Quinn Pools, our previous
pool guy was really inconsistent at
providing regular pool and spa service.

When we finally let him go,
he admitted that on a few occasions
he completely skipped our pool service,
as he was out surfing.

We really appreciate Ray of Quinn Pools,
for consistently keeping his schedule
with us and doing a good job!"

Becki and Bob Fox

"Ray has provided our
swimming pool maintenance
for the past 30 years!

We wouldn't even think of having
anyone else do it!"

James & Nancy Conrad

Call or contact us
for a quote
and begin saving money
on your next spa
and pool service, today!
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